Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fast View of "101 Slow Jam"

Demolition of the Sixth Street Bridge over US Highway 101 (aka "101 Slow Jam") was completed this past Sunday morning about four hours ahead of the 40-hour schedule ... which also meant ending the 2.5-mile freeway closure ahead of schedule. (The collective "YAY!" from motorists was heard all the way to PCH.) The 84-year-old Sixth Street Viaduct has to be replaced due to chemical deterioration. The new bridge is expected to be completed in 2019. (More info here.)

To prepare for the new structure, a tremendous amount of demo work was completed in a very short amount of time—a feat best appreciated through time-lapse video. The Caltrans Graphics Unit had its cameras in place from beginning to end to capture this fast view of "Slow Jam"—the entire bridge demo in a little over seven and a half minutes. Enjoy!