Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Behind the K-Rail: Up Close Look at the I-5 Empire Project In Progress

Those of you who live or work in Burbank have undoubtedly noticed the tremendous amount of construction underway in the city as part of the I-5 Empire Project (info here)—it's pretty hard to miss. A lot of the work can be seen from the street and freeway, but not all of it ... until now. 

Below is a short photo tour of the project that takes you behind the k-rail—where members of the public are not permitted (because construction sites are incredibly dangerous, and we really and truly do not want you to get hurt). The project began in May 2014 and will be completed in 2019.

Future site of the Empire Avenue undercrossing: 

These panels will be installed on the retaining walls along the new undercrossing. The plane design reflects the city's aerospace history:

These u-shaped rebars will support the concrete panels:

Here's the future site of the southbound I-5 Empire Avenue off-ramp:

And here's the southbound I-5 Empire Avenue on-ramp:

This structure will support the elevated railroad as it crosses over Empire Avenue:

And these walls will support the railroad as it passes over Buena Vista Street:

Here crews are widening I-5 over Buena Vista Street to make room for the new carpool lanes.

More information about the project is here. Sign up to receive project updates (including closure info) here

Questions? Call us on the I-5 Info Line at (85) 454-6335, or email us here.