Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I-5 Empire Project: A Concise Video Tour

It's tour time! We're about two years into the I-5 Empire Project in Burbank, which is on schedule to be completed in 2019. Wondering what's happening on this $355 million project? Wonder no longer! We're pleased to offer a concise video tour of some of the most critical work areas in the construction zone, all of which are between Magnolia Boulevard and Buena Vista Street.

First up: the retaining wall for the new elevated railroad tracks along Victory Place. Between the concrete barrier and the retaining wall, you can also see the temporary railroad tracks (aka shoofly), which were completed last fall. The shoofly allows trains to keep running without disruption to service while the permanent elevated tracks are constructed:

The shoofly will be removed once the permanent tracks are completed.

This next video shows the steel and concrete structures that will support the new elevated railroad tracks over Buena Vista Street:

Trains will begin operating on the elevated tracks later this year. 

Here's a view of the Buena Vista Street/Winona Avenue bridge deck, which is being widened to accommodate new carpool lanes:

In this next video, you can check out the new pump house under construction. The pump house, as the name suggests, houses the equipment that prevents stormwater from flooding I-5:

And finally, here are some shots that show the location of the new Empire Avenue undercrossing. The undercrossing will connect Empire Avenue to San Fernando Boulevard by tunneling under I-5.

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