Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Caltrans Scalers Use High Pressure Airbags to Remove Rocks along SR-150 in Ventura County

Since Monday, August 8, Caltrans scalers have been clearing loose rocks from slopes along SR-150, 280-feet above the highway. These slopes are just west of just west of Lake Casitas in Northern Ventura County. 

During this climb, department scalers used Savatech 115 psi airbags that were attached to an air compressor to dislodge loose rocks.  

The airbags are inserted into a crack or space behind the rock(s) that need to be removed.  As the airbags are inflated, they expand and cause the rock(s) to fall.  

The airbags are one of the many tools that department scalers use to safely and cost effectively enhance highway safety. 

So far scalers and the clean-up crew below have removed nearly 190 yards of rock. According to our district geologist, the slopes are comprised of sandstone. 

This is the last day of the scaling operation, work is expected to finish by 3 p.m., so motorists should expect 30-minute delays on this section of SR-150.

Here’s a past example of our rock scalers at work (with Mike Row!!!):