Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Most Common Cause of Accidents Is ... YOU!

It's true—the most common cause of accidents is you ... ok, not you personally, but drivers themselves. Not the road. Not the weather. Not other drivers. Not the yeti that ran out of the woods and scampered in front of your car. You.

Science says so. New studies are indicating that the root cause of traffic crashes has shifted dramatically in recent years, with driver-related factors such as fatigue, driver error, impairment and distraction present in 94 percent of crashes. In other words, only 6 out of 100 crashes are a result of something other than what the driver did or failed to do. This would be your sink holes, your freak hail storms, your scampering yetis. 

So the safety message here is an empowering one: In the overwhelming majority of situations, YOU have the power to keep yourself and your passengers safe. You already know how to do that: Don't drink and drive, don't text and drive, don't apply eyeliner and drive, don't drive sleepy, don't drive angry, don't drive with two shih tzus on your lap, don't drive too fast for conditions, absolutely don't drag race, don't menace bicyclists and pedestrians, don't use your car as a tool to vent intractable frustrations in various areas of your personal and professional life, etc. DO drive smart! If you need a refresher on how to do that (and it IS Drive Safely Work Week, so why not), check out and the video below.

Remember, safety starts with YOU!