Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lane Shift on Westbound Foothill Freeway I-210 for Pavement Rehabilitation

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE — Beginning May 3 at 7 p.m. crews will begin to make temporary lane changes along westbound Foothill Freeway I-210 between Berkshire Place and Ocean View Boulevard to excavate old damaged pavement and put in new concrete.

Construction crews will restripe and shift lanes towards the median. Both eastbound and westbound inner shoulders will be used as traffic lanes. The eastbound inner shoulder will become a temporary bypass lane for westbound traffic. A concrete barrier will separate the eastbound traffic and the westbound bypass lane for the safety of motorists. Two outer lanes (near the ramps) on westbound I-210 will close as crews will begin to replace the pavement to create a smoother drive. The bypass lane allows all traffic lanes on westbound I-210 to remain open while work is underway. The work is estimated to continue through winter 2017.

The current westbound I-210 ramp closures- Berkshire Place on-ramp and Arroyo Boulevard off-ramp are scheduled to reopen on May 20, weather permitting.

The Foothill Freeway is a major thoroughfare serving commuters between Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. As a result of heavy use, the road needs to be replaced with new pavement. Flatiron West Inc. is the contractor on this $148.5 million pavement rehabilitation project and is expected to be completed in 2018.

Motorists are advised to “Be Work Zone Alert” and “Slow for the Cone Zone.”

Q: Why did Caltrans create a bypass lane?
A: Two lanes on westbound I-210 will close and traffic will be shifted towards the median. Both east- and westbound inner shoulders will be used as traffic lanes to allow all traffic lanes on westbound I-210 to remain open while work is underway. A concrete barrier will separate eastbound traffic and the westbound bypass lane for motorists’ safety.

Q: How many miles will motorists travel on the bypass lane?
A: Once motorists decide to enter the bypass lane, they will travel approximately 3 miles and will not be able exit the lane until arriving at Ocean View Boulevard. 

Q: Where will motorists enter and exit the bypass lane?
A: Motorists will enter the bypass lane near Berkshire Place and will exit at Ocean View Boulevard. Please note, motorists exiting the bypass lane will not be able to access the Ocean View Boulevard off-ramp but will instead need to exit at La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp.

Q: Can motorists exit the bypass lane at any time?
A: No, the bypass lane has been created between k-rail and the freeway median. Once motorists enter the bypass lane, the first opportunity to exit the freeway will be at the La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp.

Q: How long will the bypass lane be in effect?
A: The bypass lane will remain open to motorists until winter 2017.

Q: Can a solo driver enter the bypass lane?
A: Yes, single drivers may drive on the bypass lane. The bypass lane is not an HOV lane.

Q: Are there any vehicles prohibited from entering the bypass lane?
A: No, there are no vehicle prohibitions to use the temporary bypass lane.

Q: Is this bypass lane an HOV lane? Are there plans for an HOV lane along I-210?
A: No, this is a temporary lane made for westbound I-210 while construction takes place in the area. Once the work is completed, all lanes will return to their original configuration. Current construction along I-210 is part of a $148.5 million pavement rehabilitation project, and is not an HOV lane project.

*Dates are weather permitting and subject to change.